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Mended (Tortured Soul #3)
Coming in 2016

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“Tell me a story, one of heroes and villains, in a world where good always wins and the truth prevails. Whisper to me the defined difference between black and white and promise me that I’ll always know when I’m doing the right thing. And when you have finished, I’ll tell you mine.

It takes place in a world where things are complicated. Messy. Confusing. A grey cloud hovers over everyone and everything, blurs the lines between right and wrong until they bleed into one another, making it impossible to tell the hero from the villain and evil from good. The truth is muddy and sometimes more cruel than a lie.

This world, the one that I live in, is called reality. It is beautiful and ugly, all at the same time, and nothing is ever easy. Storybook endings don’t exist, and heroes die at the hand of villains every day. Our morals do not make us impervious to destruction and pain. And, eventually, we all face a situation in which we must choose between the lesser of two evils. A moment in which, regardless of our intentions or the path we choose, our hands and souls are forever stained with blood. The only question is whether it will be ours or theirs.

This story isn’t about redemption.

It may not even be the whole truth.

But it is our truth.

Good or bad, wrong or right, we’ve learned that happily ever afters aren’t given; they are made. But they also come at a price—one so steep, you wouldn’t dare tell another soul what you did to get it.”

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